Fitting creativity into your life

Unrelated, but one of my fave photos from our Hawaii trip in 2006. Readers,

How's your week going? I'm getting sick but I've also been reading a lot and getting my apartment in shape, so that's good.

I've been thinking a lot lately about how I want my life to look when I am old and look back to reflect. And thinking about what in my life gives me joy currently. And it's become abysmally clear that I want to be more creative.

Sure, blogging is creative and I love it (and you guys! Thanks SOOO much for reading and your sweet comments!). But I want to be more active with my hands. I want to try sewing and quilting and baking and gardening. I tried screenprinting and just want more (I need to take photos of what I made to show you!). I want to try glassblowing. I really want to get back into pottery (I used to be pretty good on the wheel). I'm brimming with inspiration and plans.

My obstacles are time, accessibility, and lack of focus. I can't pick one thing to get started with. My evenings after work are taken up with dinner preparation, the occasional social outing, and blog stuff. I'm trying to save some money and don't want to blow it on a hobby that I decide I don't like in 6 weeks.

(I should say now that I am not planning to give up blogging at all! I don't want you to think that's where this is going!).

Basically I'm frustrated. I'm inspired but I don't know where to start. I'm motivated but don't have the skills, knowledge, or tools to move forward. I see before me this ideal of a life that I want but am not sure how to get.

How do you incorporate creativity into your life? Do you sew, or write poetry, or bake, or dance? Do you have to set aside time or does it fit in naturally? And what, in your opinion, should be my next hurdle? I look forward to reading your responses, so please comment (and delurk!) Lastly, would you be interested in reading a series on this topic (fitting creativity into your day to day life) and what would you want to hear?

P.S. The book discussion for "Tales of a Female Nomad" will be in one week, on the 1st of July! Even if you've only read a few chapters, I'd love for you to participate, so be sure to pick up a copy if you haven't yet!