Have you heard of Alicia Paulson?

A corner of her garden Alicia Paulson, author of the blog Posie Gets Cozy and author of the sewing book Stitched in Time, is quite possibly one of my top five favorite bloggers.

Everytime I visit her site I leave with a motivation and desire to create and enjoy life simply. This Portlander (woot PNW!) cooks, bakes, sews beautiful quilts and trinkets, has a beautiful family and husband plus some adorable pets. And she takes gorgeous pictures of it all and shares it with us. I can't read her blog without wanting to cook or sew or plant something.

Her pretty bed

Bread rising in a lovely blue bowl

The sweetest pup, Clover (kitty counterpart Violet not pictured here)

Sewing studio. She sews for a living, otherwise I'd be embarrased by my wimpy sewing box...

Talk about being inspired to fit creativity and art into your life. Man, she's living it.

Seriously, she's awesome. Read her blog, Posie Gets Cozy. And then buy her book. And then sew something. And take some pictures, send them to her, and tell her Maggie sent you!

All photos by Alicia Paulson and used with her permission.