And we're off!

DSCN0173 Hope everyone has a great weekend! This is from our camping trip last year, when it rained on us for two days. As you can see, Ryan is rather particular about log placement, even after they are burning, so it's always an exciting trip!

What we'll be up to this weekend:

1. Getting my car washed so she looks spiffy for her big journey.

2. Hiking up to a waterfall

3. Donning swimsuits (regretting my workout laziness now...)

4. Eating hotdogs and s'mores

5. Looong drive home.

What are you up to this weekend?  (BTW, comment moderation may be rather slow this weekend. Depends on what kind of signal my iPhone gets in the woods! I'll see them when I get back though, so please do leave comments!)

xoxo Maggie