We're back!

Camping was so fun. Here's a few of our highlights! Me reading House Beautiful in the woods.

Beautiful Sol Duc Falls!

Home sweet home

A long but (mostly) beautiful drive

Boiling water for coffee and frying up bacon!

The beautiful lake at the end of a looong uphill hike!

Friday we packed up the last of our stuff and headed out to the Olympic National Park. Our final destination was supposed to be about 3 plus hours away. After a scary three-point turn on a one-way dirt road in the woods, we determined that Google Maps was not to be trusted. According to the map we got at the ranger station, we were still about an hour away. We made it to the beautiful Sol Duc Hot Springs resort (we stay in the campground, not the cabins) after about 4 hours of driving. We set up camp and made dinner, followed by a little light reading ("House Beautiful" for me, "Wired" for Ryan), and an early bedtime.

Saturday we hiked up to the gorgeous Sol Duc Falls. Then we decided that an extra three mile hike up to Deer Lake sounded ok. Three miles one way, and ALL uphill it turns out. Ryan and I are not the kind of Seattlites that go backpacking, wear Northface jackets, and carry water purification tablets on us at all times. Sure, we wear Northface, but everyone here does. We were VERY underprepared for this hike. Not enough water, and we didn't bring anything to eat (once we got to the lake we were starving and still had to hike back to the car). We also didn't read the trail descriptions beforehand that suggested wearing tough hiking boots. In our running shoes it would have been easy to twist an ankle on the rocky trail. And I can tell you, I was in no shape to drag Ryan down the mountain if that happened. Let this be a lesson to you: Prepare! In the end, we made it the whole 8 miles round trip. Yay!

After a HUGE meal of spaghetti and a nap, Saturday evening we headed over the hot springs for a swim and a soak. Felt sooo good to our achy muscles! Bonus: required showering for the pools meant a refreshing shampoo post-swim. My hair didn't smell like campfire for a whole 20 minutes! Dinner and s'mores cooked over the fire. A few raindrops and some thunder in the distance as we crawled into bed.

Sunday morning we woke up, made bacon over the fire, made coffee in Ryan's french press, and packed up the car. One long (and rainy!) ride home later, and I'm back here blogging. What can I say, I missed you guys!