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6 Rules for Entryways

Maggie Morgan

Let me know if you know image credits! From Domino

From Domino

From Domino

From Martha Stewart

1. Examine your needs: Do you keep a shoes-free house? Then you'll need some kind of storage by the door. But if you wear your shoes in and around, save that precious storage space for something else, like seasonal items (gloves and scarves) or sports equipment (frisbees and wiffle balls).

2. Make it welcoming. Inviting colors, a table, a rug... these touches make even a plain hallway an entry. Someplace to sit to take off shoes is a bonus for those shoe-free houses. Don't make your guest squirm out of her boots uncomfortably.

3. Use paint! You can see above that just painting the door a lively color adds interest and a sense of design.

4. Organization rules. Sure, pretty objects can have a place in the entryway, but it's mostly for keeping organized as you're coming and going from your home. Gather up stray coats, dog leashes, umbrellas, keys and library books. Build a home for them in the entry where you'll see them when you're running out the door, or know where to find them in a pinch.

5. Be true to your own style. Your entry is the first glimpse of your decor to a guest. Feel free to make a statement, whether that be calming or invigorating.

6. If styling for a magazine, prop with umbrellas (photo evidence above).