No, not that kind of spam.

I'm growing more and more frustrated with spam comments here on the blog (you guys don't see them because I have to approve each and every comment that comes through). It's so disheartening to check my comment moderation page in the morning and see 6 comments came in.... and maybe one of them is a real comment.

Luckily they aren't nasty comments from the notorious "anonymous". I guess I'm not controversial  enough for that. They're just blatant "Here's a list of 20 nasty website links". Really? Like I won't notice that? *Delete*

So for all that is good in the world, please leave a comment today! I really need to see that there are more comments from real people than from robots!

Love you all! Giveaway winner announced at noon, so be sure to check in (and you can enter until 12 also!) xoxo Maggie