Have a puppy-filled weekend!


Don't you just want to steal borrow little Penny from Blake Lively and snuggle all day long? She is so precious. (Oh, and Blake, while I'm stealing borrowing your dog, I might help myself to that cute bag and flats. And your hair. And height, while I'm at it. K thanks).

What I'm up to this weekend:

1. Birthday dinner and drinks for my friend Anna (Happy Birthday tomorrow!)

2. Finally vacuuming my apartment (it's been waaay too long).

3. Hopefully popping into the thrift store for some shopping.

4. Concert with Ryan and some friends

5. Bar hopping that will end with a fabulous hot dog from a stand in Fremont.

6. Getting started on room makeovers for Ellen and Gabriell!

Thanks for all your sweet comments yesterday. I'm going to try installing a spam blocker and hopefully that will at least keep the robot spam away. See you Monday!

xoxo Maggie

Photo from Gossip Girl.