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I forgot to show you the results of the screenprinting class I took! Here's a little something hanging on my fridge (Vermeer magnet courtesy of Dad):


The umbrella and raindrops were drawn freehand on blank newsprint and cut out with a razorblade. That stencil was centered on the screen, taped off, and lasted for about 10 prints (most of which were testers on more newsprint). When I got home I trimmed the paper and wrote a little nursery rhyme on it with sharpie (cause I'm artsy like that).

We also learned a fancier way to print using photo emulsion... basically you burn the "negative" image onto the screen (sort of like photo developing) and the chemical acts as your stencil. Pretty crazy. I made a Victorian lady in two colors. Not sure what I want to do with her yet... (sorry, my picture turned out kind of crappy so I'm not showing it...)

And I discovered my new love: This book of old-school clip art. You could make some pretty awesome shirts/bags/art with these bad boys!

41SY3X1G6HL._SL500_AA140_(The picture is tiny, but I swear it's awesome! It has more than 5,000 images!)

Have you made anything recently? Send me pictures (maggie {at}!