Embroidery with Oomph

A few weeks ago I was taken with the urge to create, be artistic,  get my hands dirty (so to speak).  After a series of blog links, I found myself at the online store Sublime Stitching, which is self-describe as not "your gramma's embroidery". Portion of "Spaced Out" pattern.

And it certainly is not. You can purchase over 50 patterns, which are made up of several small designs to be used alone or as a set. With names like "Vintage Lamps" and "Sexy Librarians" these charming and sometimes naughty drawings would be sure to liven up a tea towel, shirt, hanky, tote bag, or pillowcase.

From "Vintage Lamps" pattern

But Maggie, you're sighing right now, I don't have the least bit of knowledge about embroidering. Don't know where to start, what to buy, or how to do it. Well, me neither. Luckily, Sublime Stitching also sells kits to help you get started. The "Ultimate Kit" is $30, and includes all the tools you need, one pattern sheet of your choice, and one textile (ie tea towel, baby big, etc). There is also a petite kit.

When you're all done, you can even submit photos of your finished product(s) to their gallery. So someone besides Little Zacky will appreciate all the hard work you put into his newly embroidered bib.

From pattern "Vital Organs" (there's a brain too!).

(PS I'm not affiliated with Sublime Stitching, nor did they send me anything free to review.... although I wouldn't send it back if they were to stick something in the mail! I just think this is a great way to bring traditional handcrafts to a modern audience, and inspire creativity.)