Happy Monday

As seen on Sweetie Pie Pumpkin Noodle. Hello everyone, and welcome back! I am feeling much refreshed after a few days away from the computer (at home at least!). It was nice to take some time to get all these bloggy ideas I've been having down on paper or a calender. Worked on the pillow I'm sewing (more on that soon!), did some reading at the park with Ryan, avoided sunburn (hurray!), and bought new loaf-pans so I can finally make zuccinni bread (mmm). I even had time to comment on some blogs that I regularly read (sorry if I didn't get to yours, I'm still a little behind that one!). But I'm so glad to be back. And don't miss my post from this morning about Sublime Stitching. Next time I take a blog break you can be sure I'll be embroidering and crafting all weekend long!