Gabriell's Custom Room Makeover

Gabriell won my giveaway for a custom room makeover (you can have one too for just $50), and I really had so much fun with her space! After a break-up, Gabriell found herself living alone with the same bland beige style that her ex thought was "just fine". Well, I knew this space needed some color, and according to the inspiration photos she sent me, she was ready for a major overhaul! Here's the before:


dining room

And here's what I suggest:

gabriells makeover

The only furniture that had to stay was the sofa and a new cabinet from IKEA... but even the sofa could go if I found something else. I sent her a link to a heavily discounted midcentury style sofa, so we'll see if that worked out! Besides the sofa and the cost of painting she could spend about $1000 to $1500.

1. Gabriell sent me a bunch of inspiration pictures, and a common thread I noticed was blue walls. So I chose this light blue, "Open Sky" from Martha Stewart Colors. I see this filling the whole space, with the dining room going two shades darker to make a cozy place to wine and dine, and help define it as a separate space.

2. The other color we're going for is yellow, as Gabriell mentioned she'd daydreamed about painting her door yellow. Go for it girl! And buy up some of this yellow and white fabric (about 10 yards) to stitch up simple curtains for the french doors (with white sheers behind). You'll have some extra to make an extra pillow (any cleaners or alterations place can whip one up for you), or even a simple runner for your dining room table.

3. There isn't a ton of space in the entryway, and I like the shoe shelf she already has. Paint that the same yellow as the door, then add these cute hooks from Anthropologie and hang them under or on either side of...

4.... this mirror from Ikea. Can't beat the price, and the wavy sides are pretty and feminine.

5. This pendant light is from West Elm, and I think it will add a great modern feel to the entry way.

6. Gabriell already picked up this PS Cabinet from IKEA and it will look great in the corner with the TV on it. It's also a convenient place to stash media equipment.

7. Two of these sheepskin rugs will be a warm and cozy addition when place underneath...

8. ... this sleek glass coffee table from CB2 (I have the same one and I love it!). The simple lines don't add too much bulk to the already bulky sofa, and will go nicely with a mid-century style piece when she finds the perfect thing.

9. A few colorful throw pillows will add to your color scheme and make the couch seem less beige. These are both from etsy and are under $30.

10. The dining room needs an update. Sell or freecycle that old dining set and get four of these chairs ($50 a piece). Another idea would be to get four thrifted chairs (for as low as $10 or $15 a piece) and paint them all black to tie them together.

11. I knew this table would look phenomenal in Gabriell's space as soon as I saw it. It's actually four-legged, and is called the Teepee Table. It will immediately bring some swanky midcentury style to Gabriell's dining space. To top it off, pick up six inexpensive frames and frame some black and white photos, pages from an old coffee table book, or calender. 8x10 photos will look best, with three on top and three on bottom. Or you could blow up some pictures of your own for a personal touch. Lose all the extra stuff--you want the focus to be on relaxing and enjoying a nice meal!

12. This inexpensive pendant light will bring that leaf motif from the curtains into the dining room and will keep the table from looking too vintage or dated. Gabrielle also asked me to keep an eye out for a chic ceiling fan, and I found quite a few options at Home Depot, so she should check those out for one that will suit her needs.

Cost breakdown (minus paint and labor):

1. Curtain fabric: $80 (plus approx another $50 for sheers and hardware) 2. Hooks (3): $24 3. Mirror: $30 4. Pendant light: $130 5. Sheepskins (2): $80 (there may be a smaller, cheaper, size in-store). 6. Coffee Table: $200 7. Pillows (2 shown): $60 8. Dining chairs (4): $200 9. Dining Table: $370 10. Pendant light: $30 11. Ceiling fan: $100 (nice options at $100 and under). 12. Frames/photos blown up for dining room and/or living room: approx $100

TOTAL: $1, 354 (plus applicable tax and shipping).