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Take your summer clothes into fall


With big summer sales going on, you're probably wanting to snatch up some of those great deals. But is it really practical to buy that summery item when fall is looming just around the corner? Sure it is! Here are a few ideas on how to transition your summer duds into fall ensembles.

Tip #1: Since fall means back-to-school for so many, adding a little collegiate detailing to your summery staples will make it look right at home. Try argyle, plaid, bows, masculine fabrics, ties, and blazers to get this look.

Tip #2: To bring the weightless of your summer clothes down to the earthy feel of autumn, think color and texture. Bring out the darker colors in your patterned florals with a matching solid sweater or jacket. Add rustic elements like suede, leather, and metal. But don't be afraid to keep a little femininity. You don't want your summer item to look out of place, so add one other weightless item to keep the look cohesive.

Floral Dress

Tip #3: Big slouchy layers and sophisticated palette will always evoke the mystery of fall (Halloween is only a few months away, after all!). To balance out a mini-skirt (and stay warm), an oversized sweater does the trick. Tights keep legs from getting chilly and an animal print keeps things fun. Try a pop of jewel tone for an unexpected touch.Jean skirt

What are some other tricks you have?