Bored with your craft supplies and left feeling uninspired? Or maybe you've shopped your local craft store so many times you never find anything new. Maybe you just like pretty things! Sign up now and be part of the first ever Craft Swap where you can bundle up some of your unused supplies or shop for some new ones and then mail them off to your crafty partner! A few days later you'll get a artsy inspiring package in the mail (and who doesn't love getting mail?)

To join:

1. Email me. Please include any special requests (no more ribbon, please!) and/or what you think you could send - if you already know (maybe you make fabulous yarn, who knows?) Include your blog address, if you have one. And your mailing address, naturally (this will only be shared with your swap partner).

2. Get shopping or scrounging! The idea is to bundle up a variety of supplies to spark creativity, but if you include an embroidery hoop with no thread, well, then you're a craft-tease! Be a little practical but have fun! Some ideas: sequins, glitter glue, watercolor paper, yarn, scrapbook supplies, ribbon... even fabric! Don't spend a ton of money, just get creative!

3. Receive your partner's info by Monday August 24th. Mail by Friday August 28th.

4. Get crafting! Send in photos (or post on your blog) of what you've created!

Please spread the word! You have until Sunday August 23rd to join! The more the merrier.