Easy art

From domino. One of my favorite inexpensive art tricks is to use words as inspiration. I mean, I was a Creative Writing major in college...

Like my stenciled art I did for my living room, this photo from Domino shows that the "text" doesn't even have to be legible to count as art. Sort of a "text goes here" filler squiggle.  But it goes to show that anything done on sort-of nice paper and put in a nice frame can work as art in your home, especially if it has special meaning to you. Here's some ideas...

Written words to feature as art in your home

A favorite poem

Part of a love note from your significant other

A song lyric

A movie line

An inspirational quote

A nursery rhyme

Something in a foreign language you've always wanted to learn to speak

Passage from a favorite novel

"Commissioned" art by your kids

Other ideas?