waterwaves After a rainy cloudy week, the Pacific Northwest has heated back up again. Nevertheless, you can feel a twinge of fall in the air with the rustle of leaves. The air smells more crisp. I know I talk a lot about how much I love fall and loathe hot sticky summer, but I do feel nostalgic for those lazy days of summer of youth.

My favorite summer things

1. Sleeping in and enjoying the cool breeze from the window.

2. Eating a popsicle fast so it doesn't melt and getting a brain freeze.

3. Going for a hike and taking a moment to rest in the shade.

4. Eating a huge slice of watermelon and letting the juice run all over your chin.

5. Swimming in the Puget Sound (it is ridiculously cold, even in summer, but feels so good!)

6. Getting a Squeez-it on the way home from swimming lessons.

7. Bringing home a huge stack of library books and camping out under a tree until they're done.

8. Sun tea brewing on the back deck.

9. Running out to the garden to pick something for dinner.

10. Driving with all the windows down.

So long, summer. It's been fun.

Photo from Just Be Splendid.