Have a great weekend!

DSCN5361 Finally Friday! Man, this week has been jam-packed. Whew! Not that the weekend will be much of a break. Here's what I'm up to:

1. Quiet time with Ryan. If it's nice, maybe some lazing around on the grass somewhere (I took this at the park. Nice view, huh?

2. Maybe drinks with Ben and Megan.

3. Shopping for bridal shower things. Was going to last night but ended up getting my bridesmaid dress instead and got done too late. But at least that's taken care of!

4. Bridesmaid get-together.

5. The only housecleaning I'll have done all week.

6. Seeing my friend Rachel who moved back to the East Coast last year! She's FINALLY visiting (I know, I know, I should go visit too!)

7. Sleeping. Haha, yeah right.

What do you have going on? Are all the kiddos back in school? Maybe you're going back to school soon? Doing anything fun this weekend?