Moving checklists and more!

mla102438_0408_label_xl Some exciting news here from Casa Magchunk... it's soon to be Casa Magchunk-and-Ryan. That's right folks, sometime this October we'll be moving in together. Which means a fun new space to decorate, new neighborhoods to explore, and of course a fun housewarming party to plan!

We're still looking for a place (and plan to move that first week of October), I'm still planning Melissa's bridal shower that will be at my apartment! Between the shower, bachelorette party, and finding a new home, things have already started getting pretty crazy. So to beat the rush, I've already started packing to get a head start. The week after the shower will be non-stop packing and cleaning!

As a guideline, I've been finding Martha Stewart's Organizing Checklists to be extremely helpful. She has a full moving timeline (geared more toward full house moves than apartments, but still helpful), tips for packing books, lamps, kitchen stuff, and even checklists for stocking your new pantry, garden shed, and yes... craft room.

Any moving tips from the peanut gallery? Share some of your best (or worst!) moving experiences. Let us learn from you!

Photo from Martha Stewart.