Getting to Know You: Jessica Schroeder of What I Wore

Many of you have probably heard of blogger and fashion queen Jessica Schroeder, or at least heard of her blog, What I Wore. It was, in fact, one of the very first fashion blogs I ever read. If this is your first introduction, then be sure to visit her site as soon as you're done reading the interview. You're in for a treat! 3862268644_91a3e2900b_b

1. What inspired you to start blogging? What was your original idea behind What I Wore?

I started blogging about my personal life in 2006 after being inspired by people I was meeting in a very tech-centric New York City community. My next progression was to taking daily outfit photos, which I did after discovering wardrobe_remix in 2007.  Eventually it made sense for me to put all of my outfit photos in one place and What I Wore was created.  I keep multiple blogs outside of WIW including Love Puppy and My Daily Bread. 2. Can you explain a little about Weardrobe?

Sure!  Weardrobe is an online fashion community with a great user base of real girls with real style. I love using it as a way to search for outfits based on what I already have in my closet, as well as keeping tabs on my ever growing wardrobe.

3. You recently left your job to work with the Weardrobe site, yes? What are you doing there?

I do the community direction and some creative work for Weardrobe.  Basically, that means I am answering e-mails from users, checking out what people are uploading, making sure things are legit and engaging the community. I also write and create artwork for the weekly contests!

4. What do you love about fashion?

I like the cycle of it all - I'm a big fan of vintage clothing, which continues to come back over and over again. Looking great will never get old!


5. What inspires you?

Old movies, other well dressed women (my style "crushes"), blogs, fashion magazines.

6. If you could only wear one pair of shoes for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Picture 1

Wow. I'm not so much a shoe gal, but I suppose it would be a pair of black ballet flats.

7. Your outfits are fearless. Can you share a few basic tips for the fashion-shy?

Well, I have the luxury of living in NYC, so I often tell myself "No one will ever see you again!" I also take pictures within about 20 minutes of getting ready, which is usually reaffirming. However, if the pictures look bad, I sometimes go home and change. I also have really a really supportive boyfriend, friends and online community that help me feel good about myself.

For girls looking to break out of their comfort zones, I'd suggest baby steps. Pair those risky shoes with an outfit you've worn before and love. If you're used to wearing all black, start by adding in a layer of color. From little steps to leaps!

8. What do you do if you feel you're in a fashion rut?

Go thrift shopping.

9. I love that your outfits recycle pieces and are often budget-concious. What are some of your favorite bargain-hunting strategies?

Well, for every awesome piece I have in my closet, I probably went through 10 racks to find it. Thrifting requires patience. You have to sort through the junk to get to the gold. Those prices are the lowest!

10. What are five things you couldn't live without?

Picture 2


Good bra (no photo!), Great pair of jeans, big shades, floral dress, Black heels