Make a neat, easy checklist

Oh man, where did the time go yesterday? I fully intended to get an interiors post scheduled and my lunchtime just flew by and I never got to it! My apologies. I've been pretty scatterbrained lately with the move, the bridal shower, the wedding, and regular stuff like work and my (pathetic) social life. Plus I'm always trying to dump my task lists onto little bits of paper that I have lying around, which means that "steam clean carpet" is floating around on about 5 different lists right now. Wouldn't it be cool to have them in one clean, neat page?

This is a screenshot of Printable Checklist, a free site that lets you create your own tidy lists! Here's how it looked after I wrote in some of the items on my cleaning list:


Finally, all in one place, readable, and detailed enough. It's totally free, you just click in the box to edit, save it, and print it out when you're done! My only complaint is that you can't make it outline-style (one of my favorite list-making tricks). But other than that, what a handy way to create neat checklist!

What are other uses for this service? I'm thinking basic lists for your housekeeping notebook (like "spring cleaning" or "housesitter to-dos") or even for babysitters ("nighttime routine") or a simple entertaining checklist (plan menu, count place-settings, buy wine, set out butter to soften for bread). What might you use this for? Or do you have other list-making tricks you want to share?