Halloween decorations

My friend Shannah is another bridesmaid in my pal Melissa's wedding, and last night we met up at Artco to brainstorm about centerpieces because somehow we offered to do them. But this post isn't about the centerpieces, because I was too enraptured by the Halloween decorations! I love them! I even bought the special Martha Stewart Halloween magazine at Barnes and Noble. Anyway, I thought I'd share some of my favorite glamorous Halloween ideas from Martha Stewart.

martha pantyhose webs



As soon as we get moved in (10 days!) I want to tackle some of these Halloween projects! Do you decorate for Halloween? How crazy do you get? My old favorite from growing up in the country was a Barbie on the chopping block with her head off to the side. Looooots of ketchup. And making "cobwebs" out of cheesecloth (the ones up above are from white nylon stockings! Clever!). What tricks do you have in store this year?

All photos from Martha Stewart.