Come on, Fall

I know you're ready! Just kick greedy old summer on out of here! September is YOUR month, man! Don't you know how I've been longing to wear tights with cute little heels and scarves?

From tumblr blog Dreaming of Revelry

Yeah, like that.

In other news, here's what I'm up to this weekend:

1. Passing along my tv! We're getting a new (RockBand-worthy) one for the apartment.

2. Melissa's wedding hair trial run. Yep, I'm now design blogger turned party planner turned hairstylist. Cross your fingers that it goes well (at least it's the trial run!)

3. Playing Beatles RockBand? Have to try it out before buying it, after all...

4. Hanging out with RyRy and cuddling. I've been cuddle deprived all week as we've both been super busy.

5. Convincing Ryan to paint the bedroom pink (Benjamin Moore's Wild Aster is beauuuuutiful), as well as picking a gray for the main room and hopefully a color for the tv room.

6. Debating whether or not to register for housewarming gifts. What do you think? I just fried my blender last night, so we could use a new one...

7. Buying flowers, baking a cake, blowing up balloons and throwing the best pink-and-green plates-and-panties shower ever!

8. As soon as the last guest leaves on Sunday, PACKING!!!!