How to make a cute shoe bag

This is a project for anyone who has been packing for a trip and realizes she doesn't want to throw her shoes in with her white tee, or someone who commutes to work in rubber boots but wants to change to heels when she comes out of the rain. Sound familiar? You will need:

An iron

A fat quarter of fabric (A great way to use up scraps, or buy them at the store)

thread, needle, pins


Step 1: Iron over a flap of fabric wider than your ribbon, plus a little extra for a seam. An inch and a half should be plenty. Make the crease nice and snappy. Then, stitch it closed, just along the long edge.


Step 2: Fold over, "right" (aka pretty) sides together. Pin down the side and across the bottom, but leave the end with the flap open. This will be the entrance to the bag. Stitch where you have pinned (note: it really does help to pin it first, even though I know it seems tedious. But it will help keep your seams from being all crooked.)


Step 3: Now that you've stitched all the way around (leaving an opening at the top), iron your seams OPEN (spread them carefully, then iron down the middle of the seam), and turn your bag right-side out.


Step 4: The little flap you sewed first is sewn shut now, so snip two little holes in either side (about 1/4 inch, or big enough to pass your ribbon through it). Whipstitch the edges of the holes like you would a buttonhole to keep the thread from unravelling. Then, take your ribbon, attach a safety-pin to one end, and thread it through the flap. Leave only an inch or two on either end, and tie firmly. (Sorry for the blurry pic)


Step 5: Throw some shoes in and cinch it shut! You have a brand-new shoebag!


Easy! I made this one in less than 2 hours stitching by hand.