Shopping for moving announcements

Ever since we decided we were moving, I've been dreaming about sending out moving announcements once we had a new address. Well now it's decision time! Here are some of my favorite options from etsy, but there are SO many. I just typed in "moving announcement" in the search bar (for handmade items), and got like 15 pages! Many of the cards are customized (aka, you give your new info, they type it in, but the template stays generally the same), or they are fill-in. I tried to indicate which, and included the costs.

1. Suburban Street. $15 for customized design. Print yourself or printing options available.

suburban street

2. Dollhouse . $12 for twelve customized cards plus envelopes.


3. We're Moving! $6.95 for eight fill-in cards and envelopes.


4. Binary Robot (Ryan loves these, computer geek that he is). $14.75 for ten fill-in postcards.

binary robot

5. Bubblewrap. $45 for twenty customized cards. Includes card, bubble wrap, envelope, and rafia tie.


6. Packed and Moved. $4.25 for one customized card.


7. Mod. $8.00 for customized design (and you pick colors). You print.


8. Owl. $1.50 for one postcard.


9. Retro. $8 for five fill-in cards plus envelopes.


10. Little Red Door. $12 for twelve customized cards plus envelopes.


11. New Nest. $15 for custom design. Print yourself or printing options available.


12. Cross-stitch. $18 for eight customized cards with envelopes.


13. Chair. $19 for ten customized cards plus envelopes.


14. Truck. $2.80 each for a customized card (includes tear-off calling card with your new info) and envelope.


Well dears, what do you think?