The five senses of Fall

via just be splendid I've said it before, and I'm sticking with it: Fall is by far my favorite season. To truly enjoy the season, why not bring some elements of fall into your home? Here are some easy changes you could make.


Classic fall motifs include leaves, harvest symbols like gourds and pumpkins, cornstalks, and autumnal colors like rust orange, red, gold, and (I think) deep purple will all help your home look fall-like. Yesterday I saw mini pumpkins at the grocery store for 69 cents a piece! Pick up a dozen or so and group them on a console table, on a platter on the dining table, accent your bookshelves, or fill up some hurricane vases. Use leaves to make a simple wreath for your front door. Cornstalks are best for those of you with porches; they make excellent framing for the front door. If possible, change out your throw pillows or accent pieces for ones in fall colors.


Probably the toughest "sense" to capture for a season, but ask yourself what fall sounds like to you. To me, I think of the rustle of leaves on the brick walkways of my college campus. Other sounds might be the crackle of the fire or the cool wind. A simple windchime could be a nice touch on the back stoop to listen to the winds change.


Mmm, one of my favorites. Fall to me smells earthy, rich, and spicy. Find a pumpkin or spicy scented candle or home spray for a direct olfactory connection. Or mix up a pumpkin pie or cookies (heck, buy the break-and-bake) and enjoy the scent of home cooking and spices as they warm in the oven.


I love anything pumpkin flavored (try my recipe for pumpkin cupcakes. To die for). But I also associate fall with harvest, fresh meats like the Thanksgiving turkey, rich gravy, creamy mashed potatoes, flavorful stuffing. Homestyle cooking at it's best, simple flavors. Pumpkin pie is truly one of my favorites, but I also love apple season with it's apple cakes and apple crisp. Mmm...


Fall is the perfect time to spend more time indoors, and I want cozy knits and nubby sweaters right now. Try adding a thick throw blanket to your sofa for impromptu cuddling, supplying guests with comfy wool socks when they come over, and changing to flannel sheets on the bed.

What are other ways you're bringing the senses of fall into your home this year?