A week of fall fashion

A while ago I wrote a post about trying new looks for fall and loved one of the outfits so much that I decided to base a whole week of outfits on it! All the pieces below are mixed and matched for seven days of the week, for a total bill of $429. In case you're just into one outfit below, I also included outfit totals.

I stuck with a basic palette of navy blue and gray, and then carefully added bits of yellow and fushia to spice it up a bit. Planning your wardrobe's foundation of color is a crucial step to having a mix-and-match closet. Anyway, let's see what I came up with:

On Monday, shopping with your bff (and pastries)

Monday Monday by Magchunk featuring Forever21

On Tuesday, meet with your book agent.

Tuesday Tuesday by Magchunk featuring Gentle Fawn

On Wednesday, you grab your honey for a cocktail and movie.

Wednesday Wednesday by Magchunk featuring Aeropostale

On Thursday, attend your first book club meeting.

Thursday Thursday by Magchunk featuring Forever21

On Friday, dinner with the crew from work on your way home.

Friday Friday by Magchunk featuring Aeropostale

On Saturday, mom comes to town to go thrifting.

Saturday Saturday by Magchunk featuring Forever21

On Sunday, attend your college roommate's baby shower.

Sunday Sunday by Magchunk featuring Miss Selfridge