Saturday night was Melissa's bachelorette party (yes, the day before I moved!) and we went out in high style. Her sisters and one friend are still under 21, so we couldn't exactly go bar hopping. So we went cosmic bowling. Fully decked out in glowstick necklaces, bracelets, and giant "engagement rings". Classy.

That's Melissa front and center, and I'm over there on the right. Melissa's mom came along too, and we thought the mother of the bride deserved a tiara too (there she is in the back!).

Fun bachelorette party ideas:

1. Have a meeting place where everyone can eat, grab a drink, chat and get ready together. We all helped Melissa get ready for her big night and it was fun to get to know some of the other girls better.

2. Bowling was awesome and I highly recommend it. There was a bar where those of age could order drinks, we could be noisy and no one complained, and we were definitely the most supportive group there. "Gutter ball? Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!"

3. Have everyone wear something similar. Melissa had her special bride outfit we put together for her, but the rest of us all wore purple shirts. It was fun to feel like a cohesive group.

4. Take a cab or chauffered van. I was designated driver (us older girls took Mel out for a drink after the little girls went home), and it is not fun to be the only sober one at a bachelorette party!  I would have prefered to have a few drinks with everyone else and paid someone else to drive (of course, if you're going very far, that might not be very economical! But we were just going a mile or two).

5. This is totally up to what the bride enjoys, but I think skipping the whole bar thing is totally ok. There's always at least one other bachelorette out, guys are CHEAP (hello, buying the bride a drink is the whole point of a bachelorette!) and for everyone else, drinks are expensive! So if you're planning a bachelorette or *are* the bachelorette, feel free to think outside the box!

(NOTE: I unpacked my camera cord, so pictures of the bridal shower coming soon!!!)