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Bridal shower


Three weeks ago I hosted a bridal shower for my friend Melissa (who is getting married this weekend!). The theme was Plates and Panties, but you'll see from her loot that not too many ladies brought plates... Martha Stewart tissue paper poofs over a handmade tablecloth. Pink and white carnations in IKEA vases. The cake was vanilla with dyed pink frosting and rainbow sprinkles. This was the wine station; food was served on the counter (not pictured).

The gift-table (my tv stand minus tv) was indicated by multi-colored cutouts spelling out "GIFTS" (the favors had one too, as did the front door that said "BRIDAL SHOWER". Above the table was a clothesline adorned with pink and green painted clothespins...

Melissa's clothesline fills up. I got her that lingerie set from VS. Note the bunting in the background that I made with scraps from the tablecloth and some pink fabric.

Another shot of the bunting, and Melissa's friends from college.

Melissa poses with her goodies. Only a few people got her housewares. Guess us ladies just like to shop for lacy things (I'm sure the groom won't mind)!

My right hand for the day, Shannah (also a bridesmaid) without whom the shower would have been utter chaos!

Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse! Is there anything you'd like to know?