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Loving lacy coverlets


I don't know if it's the Halloween mood that has me on a cobweb-track mind or what, but I rediscovered these two photos in my saved files and am swooning. Love how the lacy look works in both light and dark schemes. From A Room Somewhere

(I'm also totally coveting this black pendant lamp with the metallic interior.)

From Dress Design Decor

If you're interested in a look like this, I know I've seen similar coverlets in antique stores. If it's got a few discolorations or stains that stick around after a hot wash, try dyeing it dark like the photo from Dress Design Decor. You could do a tie-dye one too. That would be pretty cool. If you're not having luck at the antique stores, try Mom or Grandma's closet, or see if some of the local church or nursing home holiday bazaars have one for sale. It's a simple way to add some pattern and texture to a plain duvet.

And for Halloween, looks totally spooky!