Moving announcements

Remember the round-up of moving announcements that I found on etsy? Well after that post, reader (and photographer/designer) Heather Maynard contacted me. I loved her work and her enthusiasm, and she got the job! Drumroll please..............


(Obviously the real deal will have our full names and real addresses and phone numbers, but this is the internet folks.)

Do you love them? Heather was a dream to work with. She sent us several options based on the guidelines that I'd provided (and Ryan edited to eliminate my sickly-sweet ideas like heart keys and "our nest"). After we chose the above design she worked with our slight suggestions to get exactly what we wanted: Something cheerful and friendly that was kind of design-y but gender-neutral.

Check out Heather's blogs, H&M Photography and Design, and Heather{dot}com. Plus, check out the cream of the crop in her portfolio!

Thank you, Heather! Can't wait to get these stamped and in the mail!