Can you guess my new desk?

After hemming and hawing for several weeks about needing a desk for our guestroom/office, I finally broke down and bought one on Monday!
I'd had this fantasy about finding the perfect vintage desk at a flea market for $7 and taking it home and refurbishing it and being featured on design*sponge, but alas, after a full weekend of desk-hunting and not a thing to be found, I gave up. I know, I just don't have the soul of a flea market-er. But I do have the soul of a gal who needs her papers and pens in order STAT.
Anyway, I thought it would be fun to let you guess which of these lovely desk will be mine in apporoximately 5-7 business days (I order everything online). What do you think I would choose: retro modern, classic Parsons (in white), or more traditional and feminine?

retro modern

Classic in glossy white

Traditional and feminine
Traditional and feminine

(If you just saw your dream desk above, never fear! The pictures are links to the sites.)