We'll always have... Seattle

Remember two weeks ago when I was in my friend Melissa's wedding and the whole weekend was hectic? Well I also managed to squeeze in a little tourist pitstop and blogging connection!
My beautiful city, as seen from the top of the Space Needle!


Ryan and Maggie and the view from above. What a captivating photo!

At the top of the Space Needle

But who was our photographer? None other than Jackie, blogger extraordinaire from Sweetie Pie Pumpkin Noodle! She and her hubby came up to Seattle for a little vacay (and took the sunshine with them when they left...) and we got to meet up, poke around the Space Needle, and go out for a great dinner, and of course create several photo opps. We are bloggers, after all!

It's Jackie!

Jackie was one of my first commenters and regular readers and I in turn began following her blog, almost a year ago now. We have many shared tastes and have exchanged dozens of emails. So it was very fun to be able to sit down and really chat. It's just one of the reasons I love blogging, for the friends and community it has created. So Jackie, I'm so glad you and Fidel enjoyed your trip here, and thank you so much for including me (and Ryan!) in it!