Dining room progress

When we moved in, there was a lot about the house that we loved, like the fabulous windows. One thing we didn't love was the shade of dark mauve in the dining room, the only room that wasn't white. Here's a before shot: IMG_0610

Luckily our landlord is letting us paint (not anything "too wild") so I went for a soft neutral greige, Benjamin Moore's "Mocha Cream". After all, this room feeds into the tv room, kitchen, and hallway, and I wanted it to feel unobtrusive and clean. It also has pretty crappy lighting, and until we can do something about that, the lighter color helps open it up.

Sneak peek:


We're definitely not finished in this room, but I like how it's shaping up (not pictured are the bookshelves, and piles of the few remaining moving boxes in the corner). Now if only I could be at home during daylight hours to take some decent photos! I'll try this weekend, but I knew I'd promised you guys a peek at all the work we've been doing!