Tried it: Fresh Minerals Powder Foundation

We're going to shift gears a bit today and talk about one of my other favorite things: makeup. I was one of those little girls who held onto a lipstick sample for dear life because I LOVED it and just *knew* that I would still want that color when I grew up and was old enough to wear it past dress-up time. Junior high and high school were prime opportunities for sampling every new trend of makeup that swung around.

I still enjoy makeup but don't partake much in the experimental anymore. I have my routine and it's fine. But when Fresh Minerals contacted me and asked if I wanted to try out a sample, I got that familiar giddy feeling and said YES! Time to have fun! And this time I get to share it with my readers!

I tried out Fresh Mineral's Duo Loose Mineral Foundation Powder, which came with a little "Smoothing Prep Primer" and retractable brush. You can apply the primer and powder onto a dry or moisturized face. I used my regular moisturizer first because I can have rather dry skin.

The primer went on like a gel, and was so satiny smooth it felt like butter. In a good way. Now, I didn't do a test with half my face primed and the other half not, but I'm going to venture to say it does make a difference in how evenly the powder is distributed.

The powder was subtle (I got the lightest shade), totally fragrance free, and Fresh Minerals touts it as 100% pure and natural, oil and talc free, with an spf 20. Sweet. I buffered it on using the soft-as-silk brush in circular motions to apply the powder evenly.

The technique took some getting used to, but about six minutes later, my skin tone looked more even, softer, and smoother. Any tiny lines were camouflaged. My skin did not have the heavy dull look of someone with too much foundation. In fact, I could not feel the makeup at all.

Here's my big reveal. No makeup except for the Fresh Minerals foundation powder:


Totally pleased by the results.

And guess what? The cool folks at Fresh Minerals want to give YOU something too. For one lucky commenter, a package called the SlyEye Collection: liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, and super volume mascara. Now, I didn't try these out (no need to pass around eye gunk, right?), but if they are anything like the foundation, you'll be super-pleased. And hey, it's free!

Leave a comment telling me your most vivid makeup memory (or horror story!), and a winner will be chosen at random tomorrow at noon.

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