French fashion fantasy

Ah ParisAh Paris by Magchunk featuring Theory

Feels like a fashion fantasy kind of day, doesn't it?

Let me take you on a quick jaunt through Paris. Don't worry, it will only take a moment.

A crisp fall breeze brushes your face and the leaves cruch underfoot as you tip-tap across the cobblestones in your Louboutins. The delicate chiffon ruffles of your blouse flutter ever so slightly as you wrap your blazer a little tighter around you. You stop at your favorite cafe on the River Seine and order deux croissants, one for you and one for your lover, bien sur, and un cafe au lait. You perch ever-so-elegantly on the edge of your wire chair as you wait for him to arrive, sipping at your coffee, stopping only once to touch up your lipstick.

But wait, is that the Sartorialist? It is, and he is captivated by your chicness and asks to take your photo. You oh-so-humbly agree. By then your date has arrived (Bonjour, Monsieur Clooney), and he whisks you off for a romantic dinner of escargot and the finest champagne you've ever had. Before you know it, you've danced under the stars and the sun is rising again.

Ooh lala how times flies when you're wearing Louboutins.