Thought you'd like a little taste of the projects we've been tackling in the last month. Here is a sampling of the before pictures. Most of these have made some progress, but will still take some extra work even after our housewarming party on Saturday! Then, the "after" pictures, or at least "progress" pictures... First up, a project that I've only been able to work on in the evenings, and it's quality is showing. Think it may be time to strip it and start over. AFTER the party, that is!

A little painting project

The dining room, mostly complete (this half of it anyway!) this time in daylight.


Our bedroom "before" sans "after" pictures (although we have been working hard!)

From the door, and from the closet door.

And lastly, our office before shelves and my desk were put into place. It's still a little chaotic at the moment, but I'm hoping that will change by the time people start knocking on Saturday!

From the door. My desk is now under that window.

So you can see that we had a lot of work cut out for us this month! Coming up next week: reveals of some of the progress we've made! Thanks always for reading!