Tiny houses

pollan-writing-housejohnpeden I have a very long commute on the bus and train each day, but have been getting a lot of reading done. My current book is A Place of My Own by one of my favorite writers (aka total writer crush), Michael Pollan. A Place of My Own is Pollan's second book, and he explores the word of architecture and carpentry, designing and building by hand for himself a "cockpit" of a little writing studio, seen above.

I've long been a fan of tiny houses, so I find this book particularly fascinating. As it turns out, my iPhoto library shows quite a few image of tiny buildings saved. Forgive me for some un-sourced photos, as I've had these probably longer than I've had a blog.




Michael Pollan's writing studio, photo by John Peden. Photo of summer cabin, seen everywhere but I saved it after seeing it on the fabulous You Are My Fave. Third photo unknown, let me know if you have info from Apartment Therapy (thanks Kelly for the link!). Treehouse (pretend it's not a playhouse) as seen on Home Sweet Home.