Emily Andrews photography

Saw these photos by Emily Andrews on Desire to Inspire last week and I just love their simplicity and gentle lighting.

Andrews has a great sense of detail in her photos (I think that third one down there should tell you a lot!). In the first photograph it is the little treasure box on the wall that is the center of the photo. The texture of the blankets and bushes are also very well-captured. The second photo I love for its warm colors, but I also like the textural differences between the warm and grainy wood and the glossy white porcelain. The last photo feels very personal somehow, and is excellently styled. I love that the colors are just slightly muted and that there is plenty of white space so each object breaths. All of these photos just feel so calming and relaxed.

emily andrews dti3

emily andrews dti 1

emily andrews dti 2

What do you think?