More built-in bookcases

Am I the only person who thinks that Thursdays are just the worst? Wednesdays are typically busy but since they are the "mid-point" we start thinking that the worst is over and that we're well on the way to the weekend. Not so. Dang Thursday just pops up out of no where. Did you ever notice that Thursday is the typical meeting day? People always schedule meetings for Thursday. It's weird. In anycase, this post is about how Thursdays are a drag but I'm here to cheer you up with a few shots of our favorite, built-in bookshelves. You're welcome.



domino via livingtheswelllife

 Built-ins are a regular obsession of mine. Read my first posts here, here, and here.

Photos from Elle Decor, Oliveaux, and domino (I found it at living the swell life).