via ffffound Thanksgiving has always been my least favorite holiday. Not because I'm not thankful, but because a) I'm ridiculously shy and really dislike those "let's all go around the table and say what we're thankful for" moments, b) until recently, I wasn't a big fan of traditional Thanksgiving food, and c) I had a very miserable Thanksgiving in 4th grade after my friend moved away and my cat died. Which of course I associated with the holiday.

But I have always been thankful. And since we're not sitting around a table awkwardly holding hands (another thing I really dislike), I'm feeling comfortable enough to share what for.

1. My family. I'm the baby by many years and as a result am really close to my parents. They are awesome and very supportive. Hi, Dad! (My dad reads the blog, everybody say hi to Tom).

2. My friends. I am lucky to have really true loyal real friends, even though they seem to all move away from me to become amazing smart medical professionals! To Sara, Paige, Melissa, Lauren, Shannah, Ben, Laura and everyone else who is there for me when I need to vent, gossip, plan, or watch Gilmore Girls, thank you. Love you all!

3. Ryan. He is really my balancing act. When I'm panicked, he's calm. When I'm crying or upset, he's my rock (I feel a ballad coming on). He makes pork tenderloin. I love that I feel challenged by him but also equally matched. He's constantly introducing me to new things and I hope I've shared some things with him as well (ikat, anyone?). Plus he gives great hugs and does a killer owl impression.

4. My job. When so many are unemployed and looking for work, I am really grateful that I've been able to keep my full-time job. While I wish I had more time for my creative efforts (like this blog!) I do know that we are lucky to have a roof over our heads and food on our plates, and it's that old nine-to-five that gets that done.

5. Opportunity. Remember that whole job thing? Well the other half of our household hasn't fared so well in the economy. But I'm happy to say that Ryan is getting a chance to move forward on some of the development projects he's been too busy and tired to work on. Making the best of a crummy situation? I'm grateful for the ability and opportunity to do that.

6. You! Thank you all so much for reading my little words and coming back with such touching and sweet comments. The blog continues to grow every day, and it's all thanks to you guys linking and posting and coming back for more! Thank you thank you!

Thanksgiving is no longer my least favorite holiday (sorry, St. Patricks Day). I love stuffing now, and pumpkin pie. And I've whined and complained enough about the round-robin thing that we almost never do it.

Speaking of the round-robin, I'm turning the tables on you (what a hypocrite!). What are YOU thankful for?