DSCN5688 I'm rather timid when it comes to lipstick, but I have been inspired lately by all the stylish ladies in blogland who are sporting a pretty red shade on their lips. Something feels so effortless in just swiping on some color onto an otherwise bare face (or in my case, mascara only). And yet, it feels terribly high maintenance and glamorous at the same time. A lipstick paradox, if you will.

Picking a shade of red lipstick is best left to color experts and makeup artists. I picked mine, Revlon's Fire and Ice (a classic) based on a recommendation from a magazine. The "true red" with warm undertones would look good with my fair (VERY fair) skin.

So far I've only worn it around the house. I know, I know. I told you, I'm timid. But it's been valuable to learn how long it lasts, how long before my lips look flakey, how much to add when reapplying. And so I snapped a picture so you guys could see my new look. Maybe someday it will debut outside the apartment! As it was it took me about 60 self-portraits to end up with this slightly awkward photo.

(PS And yep, that's the office, mostly finished except I need a new chair. Mine is impossible to sit for long periods of time in. Like, over five minutes).