2009 Gift Guide: BFF or Sis

She's your best friend who loves all things beautiful but doesn't take a moment to splurge on herself. She's your sister who insists on "not anything too fancy". Or your friend who loves to throw parties. Or hey, even you (everyone needs a Santa, right?). But year after year you're stumped what to get her. She has no time to read, complains about getting candles and soaps every year, or just wants something unique. Well let's try these on for size: 1. Oilcloth Chalk Banner: Your favorite hostess will love announcing each holiday on this fun friendly pendant banner. Add some chalk pens in pretty colors.


2. Calender: Does your friend sit at a cubicle all day dreaming of taking off and exploring? This tiny calender comes with it's own easel and features beautiful photographs.


3. Wallet: Treat your bff to a wallet that doubles as a clutch the next time you take her out for a night on the town. I use a pretty wallet like this for everyday stuff and I get compliments on it all the time. It doesn't hold too much extra stuff, so it forces me to clean out receipts and loose change.


4. Gift Tags: These truly unique gift tags will entice a picky lady who loves having what no one else has. And you'll love getting one back on your next birthday!


5. Photograph: This print is ready to be framed and hung over the bar (true confession: I own this, and it hangs over our bar cart!). Add a bottle of her favorite liquor or just a goodie bag full of mini-bottles.


6. The Lucky Shopping Manual: Not just for fashionistas! This ultimate wardrobe guide is one of my favorite resources for learning how to buy and wear clothing that is flattering to your body. Plus, what to splurge on and where not to waste your dollars. Helpful for any woman who wants to look her best.


7. "Other" gifts: Instead of a material gift, how about the gift of... you! Treat your sis or pal to tickets to a show or register the two of you for a class (you know, that baking/floral arranging/salsa dancing class you always talk about!). Or you could always make a donation in her name to a charity that would mean something to her (For example, if she's passionate about animals, try The Humane Society).  Later this week I'll share ideas for charitable giving during the holidays - for the right person it can be a truly touching gift.