Just you and me

DSCN5786 Even before we moved in together, I had started decorating our new apartment.  When Ryan agreed to the idea of a gallery wall, I was really excited to finally get to pull some of my favorite pieces out of my "to be framed" file, and also create and purchase new pieces to round it out.

One thing I knew I wanted was some kind of visual symbol that said that this home was ours together. Not a "bless this nest" kind of something, but a symbol of love and also the simplicity and honesty that I hoped our home would share. So armed with a needle and some thread, I made this little sampler, just six inches wide, to join the other art on our wall.

Now that we have encountered our first challenge and times are tight, I've been trying to think of ways to expand my idea of a "career" into things I love to do. Creating is one of these. And so, I'm officially announcing that for only $15 (plus shipping), you can have a sampler of your very own, custom made just for you with your initials and favorite colors.To bring a little more homeyness to your home. A symbol of love stitched and knotted together.

Email me for details at maggie@maggieroseonline.com.