Maggie Rose turns one!

15933_178886047196_673707196_3648837_3122530_n Thank you thank you all for being such fabulous readers! Maggie Rose the blog is turning one today! And it's only because of YOU. You who subscribe via email or Google Reader, or who click over from another blog and decide to stick around a while. And all of you who keep coming back. You guys are the reason I'm still doing this and will continue to write and blog.

You can read the first post I wrote here. Get a peek at my bachelorette pad gussied up for the holidays!

I have published 342 posts (including this one) and approved 1499 comments!

In honor of my little blogoversary, I'm opening up to Q&A from you guys! What do you want to know about the gal behind Maggie Rose? I'll address your questions in a post next week.  Want to know about my favorite stuff, weird habits or even advice about blogging? I shall answer. Ask away in the comments section.

(By the way, if you haven't taken the reader survey yet, I'm still collecting responses!)

Photo of me by Rachelle Erickson at my friend Melissa's wedding.