Your questions answered

When the blog had a little birthday last week I opened up for any questions you guys might have for me. A few of you took me up on the offer, and here are my responses! Sam asked "What celebrity style do you admire and are inspired by?"

There are definitely many stylish ladies in Hollywood these days to emulate. I would have to say that my top pick would be Reese Witherspoon. Day to day she always looks casual but pulled together, stylish without taking style too seriously. I typically applaud her red carpet choices as well. And as a fellow shorty (I'm around 5' 1'', Reese is just a few inches taller) I love seeing what works on a lady of her stature.

Honorable mentions would go to Rachel Bilson, Kate Moss, and Natalie Portman.

Stevie asked several questions about my local Seattle favorites.

My fave restaurant in my neighborhood (Queen Anne hill) would be 5 Spot. Their brunch is AMAZING and the dinner menu isn't shabby either. For a nice dinner though I'd go to Pasta Bella (huge menu) or the Paragon for the atmosphere. All are on Queen Anne Ave on the top of the hill.

My favorite thing to do in Seattle in winter is to walk around downtown. I love the lights and the music from the stores. If you go in early December before the crowds get crazy, it's very festive. In the summer I love to hang out near the water. Gasworks park is a great place to take a book and picnic and spend an afternoon on a blanket in the sun. Great views of downtown (and the paintball scene in "10 Things I hate about you" was filmed there, though it's  not actually a paintball place).

My favorite clothing store or boutique is a tough one. Can I be lame and say J Crew? Actually there is a great little boutique up on Phinney Ridge called Hip Zephyr (6421 Phinney Ave N). Lots of denim, but I love their dress selection, very unique. I got a great little navy wrap dress there last summer.

Jackie asked "What blog stat counter do you use?"

Maggie Rose is run on Wordpress, and the blog dashboard actually does some great basic stats such as number of comments approved, number of posts, etc. In addition, I use Google Analytics. It was extremely easy to set up and gives me all kinds of info like how many people visit in a given day (which can be expanded over any specific dates you choose), where my readers are logging in (from country down to city), where my readers are coming from, like links or even what google searches brought them to my blog. I haven't even begun to track everything that would be possible. I definitely recommend it to anyone who blogs.

Anything else you guys want to know? I'll answer in the comments section!

Photo of Reese Witherspoon from FabSugar.