My fave design trends of 2009

We bloggers are a trendy bunch (much as some of us swear to ignore trends) and one can definitely follow waves of enthusiasm spread around the blogosphere. Sure, I have a few that I'm sick of, but many many more than I loved all year long. In no particular order, my fave design trends of 2009:

1. Black walls, as seen here in a room designed by Todd Yoggy.  Some variations included the dark navy wall and the dark purple wall. Can come in paint or wallpaper (please see Door Sixteen for excellent examples of black wallpaper).

2. Swedish design. And no, not just our beloved Ikea. I mean big white airy rooms with whitewashed floors and walls with a pop of fushia or teal in a throw or pillow in a fabric that you love but just can't buy in the States. The blogging world fell in love with Swedish shelter mags. Whether you could live in one or not, you can't deny they make for an excellent photograph.

3. Plaid. This fall the plaids, tartans, and other masculine prints and fabrics were all the rage. From plaid picnic blankets to buffalo plaid shirts to plaid plates (and everything in between, usually from Toast). I love the coziness and traditional feel of plaid and was happy to welcome it back.

4. Succulents. They. were. everywhere.  Weddings, home design, garden design, even disguised as Christmas wreaths, we just couldn't get enough of these cute little cacti.  I think we'll see this trend continue into 2010 for sure.

5. Polaroids. The blog world has always had a mild obsession with polaroids but in 2009 it was full force. An etsy search for "polaroid" in handmade and vintage produces 4,430 results. Melanie over at You Are My Fave posts some cute ones pretty regularly.

6. Typographic touches. This was kind of a carry-over from 2008, but we just can't get enough! I have a big "M" on my desk right now, in fact.

7. Bunting flags. Oh my word, I love these. Used mostly as a party decoration at first, these cute little triangles went on to adorn children's bedrooms, creative workspaces, morphed into stickers or paint, and were plastered on everything from tote bags to plates. I'd also expand this beyond bunting to really any kind of garland. Dots, cupcake liners, squares, tissue poufs...

8. The chalkboard. Ok, I have to admit that I don't LOVE chalkboards like apparently the rest of the world does, but I can't deny that they were a trend and that I maybe kinda sorta started to like it. Not a whole wall mind you (the dust!) but in small doses. I think this one will peter out in 2010 though.

9. DIY. I loved to see the growth of the DIY blogs this year. Maybe it's the economy but I think a lot of readers are more interested in hands-on activities and improvements this year. They want real inspiration for things they can accomplish.  Sure, Elle Decor is beautiful (and there are plenty of blogs that lean toward that style), but when was the last time you thought "I could do that" when Margaret Russell is giving it her stamp of approval?

10. The bar cart. Thank you, Lonny Magazine, for bringing home the bar! Lonny's first issue had a bar cart (or table) in nearly every home featured and suddenly that which once felt decadent seemed like a necessity. After a long and lucky search I finally brought my own home!

And five predictions for 2010:

1. Natural wood details and/or furniture

2. Vintage-inspired textiles

3. Leather

4. African accessories (tribal will be the new Morocco)

5. "Summer Camp" will beat out "Seashore/Beach" theme for summer-time designs

How about you? Any favorites from 2009? What are you ready to see go? And what are you wanting to see in 2010?