Our home office part 1

I haven't made any official resolutions yet, but one might be to stay on top of housework better. Particularly dealing with clutter (or potential clutter) in an efficient manner.  Since the housewarming, our little home office has been the dumping ground for papers, holiday craft remnants, returns, gifts, books, and more. Plus, nothing has been put away properly. Exhibit A: The sofa.

What is particularly sad about the shelving/couch area is that I have boxes for things (labeled, even) but I just haven't been using them. Can't say as much for the desk, which is the clutter magnet for anything that doesn't have a spot.

Exhibit B: My desk.

The plan:

1. Sort and toss/recycle/put away clutter.

2. Analyze what doesn't have a "home" and figure out solution

3. We have two printers (not shown), one of which is taking up a ton of space on Ryan's desk. Need a plan to get these both onto a table/shelf and would love additional storage space (preferably hidden storage)

4. I know that I'm a paper person. I need forms, letters, reminders, bills, etc accessible and not in a file box somewhere or I'll forget about it. But on my desktop is NOT the place for them.

5. Electronic stuff needs somewhere to be.

6. Empty that box next to desk (it's framed art from my old apartment that never got hung here) and recycle it.

Do you have an office or office nook in your home? What are ways you have organized or decluttered? I need inspiration! Once I get everything in place, new photos!