What's cooking?

Just finished flipping through my issue of Country Living that arrived today (I always do a good flip-through before settling into the articles I want to linger on) and just adored this photo of a simple bright kitchen. My favorite part? The antique cutting boards. I love how their warm patina looks against the stark white walls. Don't they just make you want to whip out a loaf of oven-warm french bread and cut through it's crustiness right then and there?

I may be waxing poetic about food because I also just finished watching the film "Julie and Julia" which is not only a very romantic love story about Julia Child and her husband Paul, but a love story about food. And of course, a story about blogging (although I slightly felt that it gave blogging a bad name). But the food... the food was to die for. Every pan and dish looked absolutely delicious. Meryl Streep said she gained 15 pounds during filming! Made me want to melt some butter just watching it.

Of course, since moving in together and really since the lay-off, Ryan has been the cook around here. Tuesday night he tried a pad thai recipe that I found on A Chow Life, another Seattle-based blog that is rather addicting and equally butter-melting tempting (seriously gorgeous pictures of food!). And we had our "first cooking disaster of 2010" as Ryan has dubbed it. I think somehow the sauce got screwed up, like our tamarind wasn't the same kind or something. The sauce was bitter. Or sour. Or something. We ended up making pizza.

But it got me thinking about it tonight, watching Julia Child suck it up chopping onions for the first time. And watching Julie Powell drop a whole stuffed chicken on the floor. Cooking is full of mistakes waiting to happen. You just have to pick up and move on. Dust that bird off and stick it in the oven, so to speak. Kind of the way life can be too. So we're going to try the recipe again sometime, make a few tweaks, and experiment.

Today was just a cooking-themed day, I guess, because I also finished the book "Kitchen Confidential" by Anthony Bourdain. And let me tell you, the floor isn't the only place that chicken has been. Yep, the one you just ordered for dinner. But Tony is another one of those people that loooooves food. And that butter-melting urge totally comes through in his writing. (Side note: I have a totally gross crush on Anthony Bourdain considering he is twice my age and the quintessential bad boy. But a guy that can cook, loves food, loves travel, and can WRITE? Call me, Tony!).

It's been a tough week, heading back to work for my first "full" week since the holidays and since my "full" week turned into four days due to staff reductions. I am definitely not a morning person and my current commute requires that I be one. So I've been grumpy and not very productive. But nothing beats the nights that I come home, open the door while totally exhausted, and smell whatever wonderful concoction Ryan has going on in the kitchen. My favorite time of day is coming home.

What about you? What cooking experiences have you had lately? Do you wish you did it more? And have you ever made anything from Mastering the Art of French Cooking?

(If you haven't had enough "Julie and Julia" lately, Design Sponge's 'Living In' series just featured the same film! Check it out.)