Living room progress!

Our living room has made a few major changes since you last saw it here. Can you tell what they are?

If you guessed a new rug and curtains, then you're right! Let's take another look.

I had originally fallen in love with curtains from Pottery Barn, but they were a little expensive for our current situation. However, we did need something, as our windows are all single-pane and need a little extra insulation. Since my taste in fabric runs on the expensive side (and the girly side), we turned to trusty IKEA, where we found these leaf print curtains that only needed hemming and hanging.

The rug I'd ordered from a lovely store in Tacoma just before we moved, but it was backordered at the manufacturer and then we had a heck of a time figuring out how to get it up here (we only have a pretty small car). But it ended up being pretty flexible and fit in the back of the car ok. It's a beautiful nubby jute and isn't itchy at all, just gives your feet a nice massage as you walk across.

Looking the other way:

Above the sofa we used IKEA frames for some of Ryan's concert posters (the one on the left was the first concert we went to together!) All our DVDs and games are tucked into the corner. And we love having all our family pictures in one place. The sliding pocket doors (one pictured) open to the dining room. They are rarely closed (open?) so the space feels bigger, but if Ryan has friends over sometimes I squirrel myself away with the tv. Which is not pictured but is directly to the right of this picture. It's quite boring, so no photo.

Well, what do you think? Of course there are still changes I'd like to make, like storage for Ryan's records (currently in a Home Depot box directly across from the sofa) and I'd love new throw pillows with some color and pattern. But this room is starting to feel done. That feels good.