Home base

I've lately really been into interiors that have an old fashioned and homey vibe. Much like my original taste in design back from when I was a kid (my desire to live with Laura Ingalls and Belle and the Beast were equally balanced, I think). While in my college years I longed for large spacious interiors with pricey antiques and French chairs, now I'm drawn toward smaller, cozier spaces with some rugged pieces with a long history of use and love. A little wear and tear, some soft and comforting blankets on a sofa or in a cupboard, exposed beams, and lots of wildflowers.

Maybe it's all the rainy weather we've been having, but doesn't that chair in front of the fire just look like the most inviting place in the world right now?

Just wondering if others are seeing a change in their design influences as they grow older. What did you used to like, and what strikes your fancy now-a-days?

Photos: By Laura Resen via Decorology, unknown, and via High Street Market.