Rainy weekend

It's looking like a rainy weekend here in Seattle (and I'd have it no other way!). We have lots to accomplish (mostly lots of housework), but I'm also making sure to squeeze in some relaxing. Don't you think at least an hour or two of YOU time is worth your mental and physical health? I do, so I'm trying to make it one of my priorities this year lifetime. What will you do this weekend to relax? Here's what is on our plate this weekend:

1. Some banking stuff that hasn't been crucial so I've put it off for, um, six months.

2. A very special trip over to Bellevue, the results of which I hope to share on the blog next week!

3. Seeing my dear friend Sara for some girly chatting time.

4. Finishing up the office makeover and taking pictures.

5. Trip to the library?

6. Book + hot cocoa + pillows = relaxation.

See you on Monday, my dears!

Photo by Irving Penn, seen on ffffound.